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Essentials for getting the job (well) done.

Writing Clearly in the Workplace

Your job description may not say "writer," but somehow you spend a large part of your day writing memos and proposals. The biggest problem in workplace writing is not bad grammar, but too many words per thought. Learning to avoid certain grammatical constructions will help you process prose that makes your meaning crystal clear.

Next offering starts on November 6, 2019

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Enhancing Your Personal Productivity

Learn self-management strategies in three key areas that will enhance your personal productivity: how you use your energy, what you focus on, and where you waste your time.

Next offering starts on October 18, 2019

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Project Management Essentials

Project management has become a critical skill in every workplace. Explore successful projects and why projects that seemingly follow all the necessary rigor and methodology fail. In the end, students will leave with an enhanced ability to plan, execute and control their project management activities.

Next offering starts on October 26, 2019

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Developing and Leveraging Executive Presence

Executive Presence (EP) is a combination of the way we speak, look, and behave that helps others perceive us as competent and authoritative. Learn how to craft and leverage this trait to give you greater poise and impact on your work. Explore key behaviours and mindsets needed to project a strong and authentic presence.

Next offering starts on November 25, 2019

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Persuasive Communication

Persuasion is a core professional skill. Learn fundamental aspects of persuasion and how to apply them to become more convincing in presentations, arguments, and conversations. Explore topics such as persuasive appeals, how context and bias modify persuasion, critical rhetorical tools, and methods of developing and defending strong arguments.

Next offering starts on November 18, 2019

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Working Effectively in Culturally Diverse Settings

Learn how to lead, work, communicate, and resolve conflict with people from diverse cultures in inclusive and creative ways, as you understand and appreciate the different ways in which people work and communicate from culture to culture.

Next offering starts on October 7, 2019

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