Fall Protection

  • 7 hour course, no prerequisites

Falls are the lead­ing cause of indus­tri­al injury, exclud­ing motor vehi­cle acci­dents. In 1998 injuries due to falls cost Alber­ta Indus­try more than thir­ty mil­lion dol­lars. This one-day pro­gram will give you the knowl­edge you need to take a pro-active approach to Fall Pro­tec­tion in your work place. Top­ics include anchor and free fall, full body har­ness, con­nect­ing com­po­nents, fall dis­tance cal­cu­la­tions, con­trol lev­els, leg­is­la­tion and spe­cial­ized fall arrest systems.

Course at a glance
  • In-class, face-to-face delivery.
  • Aimed at entry-level and practicing health and safety coordinators, professionals, officers, technicians, supervisors, trainers, management, and administrators.
What you will learn

  • Understand fall protection regulations.
  • Comprehend the various types of fall protection.
  • Identify the components of a fall arrest and restraint system.
  • Understand equipment specifications for proper usage.
  • Understand general equipment care principles for inspection, storage, and maintenance.
  • Comprehend the need for proper rescue planning.
Take note:

  • Reading materials: Fall Protection workbook to be provided in class.
This course has no prerequisites

Students from all educational backgrounds welcome. You can register for this course without applying and enrolling in a program.

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