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At the University of Alberta, we know that studying English as an additional language is more than learning words and phrases – it is a chance to explore interesting ideas, discover other cultures, and develop new communication skills that will take you around the world.

Now offered online

We have adapted our classes and programs to an online format – you can now study from home:

Online study
every 2 months

For undergraduate studies

Online study
Fall & Winter

For graduate studies

Online study
every 4 months

UAlberta bridging

Online study
Summer ‘21

For global citizenship

Online study
Summer ‘21

For nursing

Online study
Summer ‘21

For science and technology

Visiting Student Program

A unique program for students already enrolled in a home university, but who want to improve their English language skills while studying at the University of Alberta for six, eight, ten or twelve months, completing ESL as well as regular academic courses. Offers enhanced student support and advising, as well as cultural, sports, leisure activities and events. Info »

Online study
Offered Continuously

Short courses for skills improvement



from 64 countries study with us each year.



in 315 course sections offered each year.


We offer a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Connect, socialize, study in-depth, and more at our exclusive-access student engagement centre

The centre and its daily workshops, activities, and engagement experiences are included in your tuition fee!

Sofia Elgueta, Assistant Lecturer
Don Mason, Acting Director
Barbara Edmondson, Assistant Lecturer
Lisa Matthew, Assistant Lecturer
Hawk Li, Program Coordinator (EAP)
Mark Bell, Program Coordinator (Short Term Study Abroad)
Denise Lo, Assistant Lecturer
Clement Yau, Office Lead
Zuzana Buchana, Assistant Lecturer

Over 45,000 students chose us because we offer

Best value for high quality education

Tuition is priced competitively

Tuition is reasonable and it includes medical insurance, health services, student services, and exclusive student engagement centre access fees.

Extensive teaching experience

Our instructors have extensive experience and training in English language instruction. All of our instructors are university graduates who have completed advanced training in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

Located downtown

Edmonton is a major, modern city of one million people, with clean streets, safe neighbourhoods, and beautiful natural areas – it is known as “Canada’s Festival City” as it hosts over 30 festivals throughout the year.

Student Engagement Centre

Our unique recreational and study space for students to make friends, take part in extra language activities and engage with the community in Edmonton.

Upcoming Courses (Summer '21)

Now offered online

Fundamentals of Graduate Writing


This 4 week online course created specifically for postgraduate students and focuses on the two key features of strong academic writing: clarity and precision.

Grammar for Effective Communication


This 5 week online course will help upper-level English language learners develop their understanding of grammar rules, applications, and strategies and will also help to write with precision and clarity.

Applied Writing Skills for English Language Learners


This 5 week online course focuses on three important features of writing: common grammar items, writing style, and applied writing skills such as summarizing and synthesizing information

What did our students think of their online class experience?



Although online workshops were challenging, thanks to the instructors, workshops were held very smoothly and effectively. Using google documents and break out rooms, we did brainstorming, discussions, and homework. Also, I felt uneasy because I can’t go outside so much. But topics in workshops involved mental and physical health, and our instructor encouraged us, so I could keep motivation, even after I came back to Japan.



I am starting to get the hang of [online learning] and even sometimes enjoying the new class style. Surprisingly, I feel like I have a lot more to do now that I am home and some days I spend up to 7 hours studying, reading, writing and doing the homework our teacher gave us. It is just a matter of time before we all get used to this new routine.



I have a positive perspective to learning online even if it is difficult for me. I really appreciate the university's support. Of course, I want to learn in-class, because I feel easy to communicate with my classmates. However, I can learn how to deal with difficulties and the importance of face-to-face communication.



I was first skeptical about taking a language course online, but I believe that most of the time, we all had the chance to practice speaking and writing online as much as we did in the physical classroom. It was also easy to make one-on-one appointments with our teacher, and I was glad to have someone to talk to in quarantine.



I encourage students to pursue their studies online at the U of A because they will benefit in the same way as face-to-face learning. Instructors are extremely supportive and their communication skills are tremendously great.

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