English Language School

Student Engagement Centre

The ELS Student Engagement Centre (SEC) is a unique place for students to make friends, take part in extra language activities and engage with the community in Edmonton.

The centre and its workshops, activities, and engagement experiences are included in your tuition fee.

Academic support

Students can receive one-on-one academic advising and support from EAP instructors.

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  • Grammar Workshops
  • SEC Student Advising
  • Listening Labs
  • Writing Workshops

Social activities

Improve your language skills by using English to take part in fun, authentic language learning experiences.

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  • Conversation Club
  • Guest Speakers
  • Social Activity Club

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Community engagement

Build your confidence through engagement with the community in Edmonton.

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Past engagements examples:

  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Student Engagement Centre (SEC) Assistant
  • Hope Mission
  • USchool
  • ITU World Triathlon Edmonton

Fostering supported and independent forms of active learning

Advising students on coursework and through one-on-one tutoring

Supporting curricular and non-curricular activities

Developing English language skills in academic, fun, and practical contexts

Accommodating students unique educational and social needs

Creating an open, safe, inclusive learning space free of discrimination

Engaging in academic, cultural, and social activities in support of curriculum goals

Encouraging a sense of belonging and school spirit within the student body

Generating knowledge of practical steps to academic and professional success