About us

In 1912, the University of Alberta was a young institution under the Presidency of Henry Marshall Tory, who charged his protégé, a young A.E. Ottewell, with the task of “bringing the University to the people.” 

What once was traveling libraries, “magic lantern” shows, and free public lectures in far-flung rural Alberta is today a multi-faceted, research-driven agent of community engagement, locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Over 300 professional and continuing education courses to 7,000 students

Our students benefit from the expertise of more than 300 instructors.

2,100+ students from 64 countries study English with us each year

At the University of Alberta, we know that studying English as an additional language is more than learning words and phrases – it is a chance to explore interesting ideas, discover other cultures, and develop new communication skills that will take you around the world.